Vintrochrome 1.0 : A vintage and retro film presets, a lightroom presets that brings you back to the film era, Inspired by the classic color from the old years photography, Vintrochrome embrace the nostalgic color tone of classic photography. 120 Lightroom presets on the package accompanied with 8 grain control presets within.


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VINTROCHROME™ 1.0 | Classic Nostalgic : A Vintage and Retro Film Presets, Inspired by the classic color from the old & classic years photography, VINTROCHROME™ 1.0 embrace the nostalgic color tone of classic photography. Expired, Faded, Disposable, Harsh & Grainy film looks.


VINTROCHROME™ 1.0 surely brings the atmosphere, the ambient, the color, the noise, the grain, the saturated colors, the fade, the shadow, the feel and the look of the classic and classy of film color tone from analog & classic photography era.